Friday, April 5, 2019

No points in projects!

There should be no points in projects
That is, there should be no single-point estimates -- old news to be sure, but timeless
But also there should be no single points of simultaneity, like events finishing "at the same time"

But what about "now", as in "right now on the clock"? Is "now" not often a point in the PMO schedule?

Not exactly. A somewhat startling observation is that scientists estimate that our sense of "now" is not a single point, but indeed, a duration! (*)

How long is the "now" duration you ask? Nearly forever: 3 seconds!
From the essay "Time -- The Grand Illusion" (*)

"What science can tell us something about is the psychology of time's passage. Our conscious now -- what William James dubbed the "specious present" -- is actually an interval of about three seconds

That is the span over which our brains knit up arriving sense data into a unified experience"
Bottom line: No points in projects!

(*) Chapter 1 in the book "When Einstein Walked with Godel, Excursions to the Edge of Thought" by J. Holt, 2018

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