Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Executive leadership -- the big three

Want to be a leader?
Think you are a leader?
Admire someone who is a leader?

These three attributes better be in place, and obvious:
  1. Be able to recruit the right people. Recognize talent; get the talent fitted to the task, considering not only experience, but temperament and judgment; toughness and stress tolerance.
    Oh! if you make a boo-boo here, have the strength to relieve the untalented and move for a replacement!
  2. Be able to make the big decisions at the highest level of strategy: how, when, and why; where and how much.
    Be able to avoid the paralysis of analysis and have tolerance for the stress of uncertainty. And once a decision is made, leave it made.(You can't be a carpet walker reliving every decision)
  3. Be able to motivate, inspire, and marshal resources to the task. Follow me! I know where we are going, even as I need you to get us there (I'm not the tactician; I may have no competence in task execution)

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