Thursday, June 8, 2017

Got a mixed language team?

Even though IBM, and before them Yahoo, called everyone home to work locally, language may still be an issue. And, it may be an issue even though English is the language of commerce the world over. In fact, I was surprised to learn -- from the people at "deepenglish" -- that there are now more ESLs* than native speakers

Nonetheless, perhaps acquiring some language skills will be necessary. In an interesting review of some ways to look at this issue, click here, we learn that the Internet -- shocking as that might seem -- has really changed the way people acquire language skills.

So, if you're about staffing an international project, or just staffing from a local pool of ESLs and native speakers, you might find one of the eight ideas is spot-on
  1. Everything is digital, or becoming so, increasing access to means and methods and content
  2. ESL is on the rise -- but I said that already
  3. Multiple learning methods: all kinds of A/V coaching tools
  4. Natural bi-lingual -- we grow up with the English Internet
  5. Auto-correct, and word substitute --  I guess that's a good think overall
  6. Personalization for your learning situation
  7. More social immersion; afterall, Facebook is largely English
  8. And, of course: GAMES! (all work, no play, etc)

*English second language, at "deepenglish"

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