Friday, June 16, 2017

Algorithms to live by

Have you read this book?
It's a must read. 
It's a different take than Tversky and Kahneman which is summarized in Kahneman's book "Thinking fast and Slow", another must read. 
When to stop looking?
Staffing up? Going through a bunch of resumes or applicant interviews or some such -- however you do it these days?
When do you stop looking?
Is there any computer science behind the optimum search or sample size?
This problem, which faces most PMs sometime in the project life cycle, is the first algorithm that is described by authors Christian and Griffiths.
And, the answer is: Yes, there is computer science on this topic. But no, you have to read the book!
And, many others
There are several algorithms -- chiefly those that apply to management and managers -- developed in the book, so the optimum stopping is only one.
Another fascinating one is optimum sorting and affinity grouping which every brainstorming sessions goes through
And another is about exploring vs exploiting -- sort of a take on risk management.

Give it a read

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