Monday, October 17, 2016

The originals --- creative thinkers

Not necessarily first we learn, but certainly be the best and be different

In a TED talk, Adam Grant opines on what qualities or habits there are to look for in "the originals" -- as he calls them -- that lead to creatively different successes

Grant finds three habits:
  1. Modest procrastination: not pre-crastinators for sure -- those working far ahead of schedule -- but not so late as to be out of it either.
  2. Fearful of not trying; doubtful of the default
  3. Prolific with ideas, even as most of them will be bad
Grant concludes that such habits won't necessarily get you there first. So, if you are the project manager, don't be too obsessed with getting to market first. Just be different, and the best, when you do get there. Remember My Space was well into the market when Facebook came along, etc 
And, the worst thing is to not try; the next worst thing is to accept the default or status quo.
Be prolific! Lots and lots of ideas -- all but one won't make it. So what? You only need one!

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