Saturday, October 24, 2015

Measurement principles -- at least one version

There are, of course, a myriad of measurement principles. But here are a dozen from you might find instructive.

1. Measure for a Purpose
2. Shrink the Unknown
3. Seek to Improve
4. Delight all Stakeholders
5. Distrust all Numbers
6. Set Imprecise Targets
7. Own Your Metrics
8. Don’t Connect Metrics to Rewards
9. Promote Values and Transparency
10. Visualize and Humanize
11. Measure Early and Often
12. Try Something Else

There are a three that deserve special comment:
5. Distrust all numbers: I take this to mean: be a skeptic. Just because it's quantitative doesn't mean it's not just a guess and not backed up by reason and experience

6. Set imprecise targets: In other words, have some slack in your estimates. Nothing in the future can be precise

8. Don't connect metrics to rewards: this is Edwards Demming from the 1950's. In part, it means no special rewards for doing your job. But in reality, stretch goals are usually rewarded if achieved. In other words, the innovation economy is driven by incentives. An absence of incentive robs the drive to innovate and improve.

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