Saturday, October 10, 2015

Left of boom -- aka, risk management

"Boom" is one of those risks that's on everybody's list to be avoided

Here's some jargon, given to us by John P. Watters, iSight’s chief executive, that probably belongs in the standard project risk management plan:

“left of boom,” ...  military jargon for the moment before an explosive device detonates.

Well, that makes sense to me: "left of boom", i.e. 'before the risk' is good; otherwise: not good. If we can manage to stay left of boom, then the ideal will be: 'there will be no boom!'
  • Assess the threat with the intent of staying one step ahead of the threat (in the old west, one always wanted to stay "one step ahead of the sheriff" )
  • Do the drill to fill out the threat intelligence assessment: who? when? how? why? enablers?
  • Gauge the threat vulnerabilities
  • Get inside the threat cycle: faster, quicker, more nimble decision making
  • Exploit vulnerabilities

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