Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Government Brief: NASA Maintains Positive Trend for Large-Scale Projects

Here's some news you can use: Traditional methods actually can work, even with a lot of software!

Take a look at this report from Appel* News:
A recent GAO report confirmed that cost and schedule growth among NASA’s major acquisition projects remains low compared with previous years.

In 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was mandated to review selected large-scale NASA programs, projects, and activities to assess the agency’s planning and execution. The GAO’s seventh annual assessment examined three areas: current performance of NASA’s portfolio of large-scale projects, the agency’s approach to developing and maturing critical technologies, and NASA’s efforts to reduce acquisitions risk and strengthen its management of large, complex projects.

Defined as having an estimated life-cycle cost of more than $250 million, the 16 major projects examined by the GAO included 12 in the implementation stage—for which cost and schedule baselines exist—and 4 in the formulation stage.

Among the projects, the GAO found that cost and schedule growth remained low, with a total cost growth of 2.4% compared with 3% for the previous year* and an average schedule increase of just three months compared with original baseline schedules.

Appel: "Academy of program/project & engineering leadership", a unit of NASA

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