Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting to done from "yes"...

Jurgen Appelo wrote a recent blog that touched a nerve with me.

  • He reported that he kept a log of all the people who volunteered to red team his latest book (that is, those that said: Yes, they would be on the red team), and
  • Then he made note of the subsequent "down select" to those that actually could make a commitment when the time came, and
  • Finally he logged those that actually showed up and did the work... Done!

Needless to say, the down select from the first group was pretty dramatic. As author of several books, I can say my experience was just the same. And, the behavior Jurgen laments is not exclusive to reviewing books... we see it all too often in all aspects of project life.

What's the lesson here?
Getting to yes is easy. Getting to done is hard.
Sometimes, you have to drag the team to the winner's circle!

Turning passion into action is one of the traits of great leadership

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