Monday, May 12, 2014

War room boards aplenty

I had an agile student describe their war room boards. Overall, it sounds pretty capable to me:
- We have several "boards" that are used to manage items that are tracked for future consideration including:
a) Product Defects - Defects are tracked here for our product team to conduct investigation, validation, and preparation for resolution
b) Product Ideas - This board is intended to keep track of product ideas that clients or employees would like considered for implementation
c) Product Backlog - This board is where items to be developed within the scope of the current product roadmap are stored and prioritized for development

-Our Product Manager, Technical Services Director and other product developers will meet regularly as a team to prioritize what items are included with our quarterly releases as well as any other point releases that we may do
At a glance, it would see that the defects and backlog need to be boards with some persistence -- that is, under some kind of control protocol so that stuff doesn't wander away

But the "ideas" board looks like it could be a trial balloon space, something more informal, that could ebb and flow with the idea du jour.

Extend to virtual users Of course, how does one extend this to virtual users? Just because there are several boards doesn't really make the solution any different than if there were only one.

Naturally, an electronic database jumps to mind, one in the cloud accessible to all. Certainly, the protocols for both "adds" and "deletes" as well as "updates" will need to be extened via the cloud as well

Extend to dashboard
Now, if this stuff is in a database, then extension -- with processing and interpretation -- is extendable to a dashboard, suitable for both functional and technical managers.

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