Friday, May 9, 2014

To concede, or not

When you make a concession, it's because you are compelled by circumstances; when I make a concession, it's because I see the outcome being in my strategic interest

Another way to put this: "Glass half full (my strategic advantage); glass half empty (your tactical disadvantage)

In the vernacular of these sorts of things, our author shows the difference in "framing" the issue, buying or selling the idea.

And, not only is framing a tool for setting up a buy/sell transaction, but frames are used to illustrate ownership and responsibility on one side, and arm chair quarterbacking on the other. In this case, we often say: "Where you stand depends on where you sit", or "Talk is cheap".

If you are doing this stuff with OPM (other people's money), then taking responsibility may well change your frame. You can't just talk it... you have to do it.

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