Monday, October 7, 2013

CMMI Level 5 with Agile!

I recently received this information from a colleague doing business at Level 5 with Agile. I didn't even know they made those kind!
Our organization is CMMI level 5 certified as a requirement working with the federal government on certain contracts. This influences all projects and we are currently working on the best way to meet the needs of both these requirements and running an Agile project. ... We run daily stand-ups, with sprint retrospectives to refine our sprint processes. In addition we conduct sprint reviews with the customer and all stakeholders and conduct release reviews and retrospectives after delivery. In addition to these more traditional Agile monitoring and control processes we also have CMMI driven monitoring and control tools. We leverage several efforts throughout the release cycle. One highly leveraged is project metrics worksheet that tracks iteration or sprint metrics which includes, timing, story point, defects, technology, sprint focus, etc. these chart planned versus actual for trending. Our organization also incorporates functional points to help track metrics and performance across diverse projects for company wide trending and monitoring. 

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