Sunday, May 12, 2013

The CIA looks at 'big data'

Following up on the meme of the day, to wit: 'big data', I came across the GigaOM conference on (free login required) The conference is long over, but they posted videos of all their sessions dedicated to 'big data'.

If you're an old hand at (intelligence) collection, you'll see the differences immediately between the cold war era and today.

However, the main point here is to look at this through the lens of project management, particularly those of us who've done a data sensor/processor, data warehouse, or a large scale ERP. You'll see some of your project technical and functional issues nicely illustrated.

First, the "never throw anything away" data issue -- bigger gets ever bigger:

And this -- Tom Friedman's "The world is flat" platform idea writ large:

And finally about "sensors", this snip -- think of a sensor as anything that can gather business data, business intelligence, or business metrics -- and you'll get a feel for the scope of the idea:

It's a 30min video; if you don't have that much time, the slides are at

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