Thursday, May 30, 2013

Managing change or bullying change?

".. As [ ... ] has pushed toward [his assigned] goal in his first six months on the job, he has alienated faculty, state legislators and the student body. He has been accused of marginalizing needy students, shortchanging major departments and acting detached and even dismissive..."

The quote doesn't seem to describe your benevolent project manager, concerned for the feelings and well being of all those that are the target of change. To drive change, we are told to communicate, to actively listen, to compromise, and to give change a chance with a timely rollout, feedback, and adjustment, all over some reasonable and customary period.

But, one wonders how Tony Soprano might have driven change?

In any event, when the organization is scerolic, dug-in, culture bound, or just stubborn about losing what one may have worked a lifetime for, then the S1 style may be the only thing that works. Perhaps that is what [...] thinks he is facing.  I don't really know.

Source of quotation

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