Saturday, November 24, 2012

Inside the PMI ACP Exam

Mike Griffiths writes the "Leading Answers" blog and contributes considerably to the efforts of PMI to support agile. On his blog site you'll find things like mapping the PMBOK to agile process steps using an interactive matrix that you can use to click about and find interesting agile tips for working with the PMBOK.

Now, in a recent posting, he provides (in a downloadable pdf of a ppt presentation) an explanation of the ACP exam, entitled "Inside the PMI-ACP Exam." We learn this bit of news: the PMI-ACP certification population has now passed the risk management certification population to become the most popular certification after the PMP and CAPM.

For practitioners looking not only for sample questions but also for the structure and organization of the exam, Mike's presentation is a really nice reference to have.

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