Monday, November 12, 2012

5 ways to work conflict

I'm always on the the alert for the five best ways to do this or that, or somebody's top ten ideas about something. Usually, there is a gem hidden in there somewhere.

Here from "A Girl's Guide to PM" comes five ideas on conflict management (although they were written by a guy, Daniel Raymond, doing a guest posting). Nonetheless, with a little (actually, a lot of) paraphrasing on my part, here they are:

1. Be an alpha

 The authoritarian approach is particularly effective if the project is nearing completion.

2. Avoid or ignore

Do good; avoid evil. Stay calm, and press on. Ignore team conflicts as if they don’t exist.

3. Sacrifice self-concerns

See the other guy's point of view, and go with it. You may have to view the underside of the bus to do this, however, so be prepared for the sacrifice. Re my introduction: this is the gem for me; I've not really seen self-sacrifice on the list before.

4. Collaborate

Sit down with the people who are in conflict and talk it through. They may have a good idea, and they may see that you have a good idea, and perhaps something will emerge not evident from either idea standing alone.

5. Exchanging concessions

Show me yours, and I'll show you mine. Something of value exchanged for something of value, with resolution of the conflict as part of the transaction.