Sunday, June 17, 2012

The new Three R's

Are these the new three R's: Responsibility, restraint, respect? (You probably remember the orginial three: reading, 'righting, and 'rithmetic)

We could do a lot worse, and perhaps not better than to adopt the "new three".

  • Reponsibility: accept commitment, be committed, accept if you are wrong, and celebrate if you are right.
  • Restraint: If you're working with Other People's Money (and when aren't you?) limit yourself to the risks you would take if it were your money; and if your benefactor is more risk seeking, then draw restraint from him/her
  • Respect: Sometimes it's hard to respect the village idiot, especially when the idiot is in your chain of command. Nonetheless, if you can't really respect, then at least be civil. No need to be nasty; just get the job done and press on.
If you value relationships (and not everyone does), then perhaps the new three R's are principles you can live by, not only to live with.

(Music fades in here, as I depart)

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