Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Five things leaders do about innovation

Greg Githens has a succinct piece on leadership and innovation in a post entitled "Five Things Strategic Initiative Leaders Need to Know about Innovation"

Here's a quote from Githens' post, to emphasize his point that innovation may not involve new invention, and may not even be particularly creative.  Innovation may be mostly a matter of clever application:

The future is already here, it is just distributed unevenly.

Perhaps this is true, and likely so in a lot of cases.  But innovation is certainly more than finding the chairs, and changing their aggregation and on-deck arrangements.

To some extent it's about patterns: putting together a mosaic of disparate pieces in a unique way that no one would have thought about; and when I say "put together", that's probably better said as let things emerge as influenced by circumstances, feedback, invention, and intuition.

Frankly, innovators are gifted in ways that many left-brained folks will never be able to understand.  They can just "see it" when others see nothing.  In any event, if you have the fortune to be, or to be led by, a gifted innovator, more fun to you!

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