Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sampling ideas for project managers

Recently, I authored a paper on how project managers can use, and should use, statistical sampling of large populations to reduce the cost and timeliness of handling very large data sets.

I posted the paper at, and you can take a look at it there, or click on the embed below.

Whether sampling for proportion, like what proportion of process users require or endorse this feature or that one, or sampling for descriptive statistics, like the average error rate among development objects, the fact is almost every project manager runs into situations that are best handled by sampling over the course of a few projects.

If you've some Six Sigma familiarity, then you've already studied these techniques. If you've got to explain things to a functional manager, this paper might help.

I used these ideas on a recent ERP project where we were faced with converting millions of data records from legacy systems to the ERP system. We never would have had time or money to validate the readiness for conversion without these techniques.

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