Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 things never say while negotiating

For many of us, negotiating never gets too much beyond getting a good price on an automobile. But project managers often find themselves in some kind of negotiation with sponsors, and if there's a contract involved, then for sure the project manager is going to be involved.

 There are a lot of roles to play, from technician to answer detailed technical questions, to the legal guys, to the 'decider' that accepts responsibility for the deal.

No matter your role, what you say, your words will be felt. So, what's a good protocol for participation?

Mike Hoffman has a few words of advice on his post: "5 Things You Should Never Say While Negotiating"
  • The word "between"
  • "I think we're close"
  • "Why don't you throw out a number"
  • "I'm the final decision maker"
  • "Screw you!"

"Between" always reveals your bottom line, so that's an obvious no-no. "I think we're close" reveals fatigue and willingness to accept something that will end the 'ordeal'. Throwing out a number sets an anchor. If you say this, be prepared for the other guy to use your anchor for the discussion. "I'm the final decision maker" limits your ability to obtain room to reflect and consider before actually deciding. And, the last one is simple: don't make it personal.

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