Friday, February 18, 2011

Engagement: Learning from games

Lynda Bourne had a posting last month that peeked my interest. Entitled "Engagement--Learning from Games", it is a summary of the seven main points made by Tom Chatfield in a presentation you can find on TED entitled "7 ways games engage the brain"

Lynda's summary, which is good interpretation of Chatfield's remarks, are:
  1. Recognize individual engagement is easier if there is a sense of collective engagement.
  2. Appeal to the emotions of both individuals and the group, encourage collaboration.
  3. ShowClearly a players progress through ‘experience bars’ and similar.
  4. Provide multiple long and short term aims.
  5. Reward effort; provide graduated and scaled rewards.
  6. Provide rapid, frequent and clear feedback with windows of enhanced learning.
  7. Create an element of uncertainty, the occasional exceptional reward

 Watch the video: there's something to learn:

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