Monday, April 12, 2010

Seven values to manage by

Here's my list of the top seven values to manage by.

Leading the way is TRUST: A willingness to be vulnerable to, and accepting of, the performance and commitment of others as they act in your joint interests

Next comes COMMITMENT:A pledge to apply all possible effort, energy, and ingenuity to the successful completion of the goal.

Third is ACCOUNTABILITY: A willingness to be judged by others and an acceptance of a personal responsibility for the completion of tasks assigned.

Fourth, and this some might find odd, is to promote CONTINUITY: A confidence that things remain the same until they are changed for reasonable and justifiable reasons, subordinating change to the completion of the team goal.

Fifth is to value SIMPLICITY: Simplicity is not necessarily simple; some very complex things may be maximally simple. Simplicity is the absence of unnecessary complexity

And of course, number six: CLARITY: The absence of confusion

Last, but as important as any--CERTAINTY: The absence of unmitigated risk

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