Thursday, March 7, 2024

Redesigning the "Meeting"

From Connor Grant at the WSJ:
The traditional business meeting is changing; the 'pandemic' made me do it!
Here is Grant's reporting -- somewhat abridged -- on changes now in place and expected to come:
1. More office meeting rooms will have high-tech equipment such as holograms, virtual reality and other immersive technologies that allow remote workers to feel like they are in the same room as their in-office colleagues ....

2. Employers will conduct walk-and-talk meetings outside, reducing the amount of time spent looking at—or being distracted by—screens. 

3. Managers will "pregame" meetings by asking workers to add thoughts, ideas or feedback to a shared meeting document at least a week in advance. 

4. Some companies will have once-a-quarter retreats at hotels or co-working spaces

5. Businesses will use mixed-reality tools to supercharge premeeting preparation ... [and] receive real-time feedback when they practice presentations or conversations.

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