Friday, June 30, 2023

Andreessen: A Short Description of AI

When Marc Andreessen speaks, it's worth your time to listen. He says this about AI

[A] short description of what AI is: The application of mathematics and software code to teach computers how to understand, synthesize, and generate knowledge in ways similar to how people do it.

AI is a computer program like any other – it runs, takes input, processes, and generates output. AI’s output is useful across a wide range of fields, ranging from coding to medicine to law to the creative arts.

It is owned by people and controlled by people, like any other technology.

An even shorter description of what AI could be:
A way to make everything we care about better.

He goes on:
The most validated core conclusion of social science across many decades and thousands of studies is that human intelligence makes a very broad range of life outcomes better..... 

 Further, human intelligence is the lever that we have used for millennia to create the world we live in today: science, technology, math, physics, chemistry, medicine, energy, construction, transportation, communication, art, music, culture, philosophy, ethics, morality..... 

 What AI offers us is the opportunity to profoundly augment human intelligence to make all of these outcomes of intelligence – and many others .... much, much better from here.

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