Thursday, March 16, 2023

Remote workers cyber security

Is part of your team working from home, or from a remote location?
Here's some common sense guidance from NSA on how to up your game re cyber security from those locations. 

The usual stuff is there, starting with keeping all your mobile and fixed OS's up to date with the latest security patches, but then going on about password security and admin privledges.

Of course, there is everyone's favorite: Don't open links from unknown sources, but I would add: Don't open links you would not expect from a known source. Instead, text the sender to find out if the sender actually sent you the link.

One that you don't see very often caught my eye:

"Schedule frequent device reboots
To minimize the threat of non-persistent malicious code on your personally owned
device, reboot the device periodically. 

Malicious implants have been reported to infect
home routers without persistence. 

At a minimum, you should schedule weekly reboots
of your routing device, smartphones, and computers. Regular reboots help to remove
implants and ensure security. 

For more guidance on better protecting your smartphone,
refer to the “Mobile Device Best Practices” CSI."

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