Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Agile and the sailor's analogy

The presentation -- in the link below -- that I gave to PMI some years ago that makes an analogy between sailing a boat and Agile methods is still relevant, and probably will remain so.
Because a sailing "project" is has much in common with an Agile project:
  • Tactics overlay a strategic goal, though there are broadly stated limitations and rules
  • Small teams have to work together, or else someone goes overboard
  • There's a lot of local autonomy
  • Risk is managed locally
  • The environment is pretty flat, managerially, but the leader is clearly recognized
  • Team success trumps individual success; teamwork is rewarded, particularly in overcoming adversity
  • The goal is set by others, but it's obvious to all observers
  • The value proposition is clear and present
Have a look:

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