Friday, December 30, 2022

The innovators' lament ....

Recently heard: this lament from IT innovation workers:
[We] encounter ironclad corporate hierarchies and resistance to change, a paradox in [our] industry that thrives on innovation and risk-taking.

"They" want things in a particular order; they want case studies and past experience. IT doesn't work like that. There is no past experience. We have to reinvent ourselves every day.

As reported by Joseph Coleman

Golly! I think the corporate masters must have missed the Agile memo. 
They may also have missed some principles of risk management in the context of 'new to the world' development, to wit: 
Some things never work out; some things are a home run. Setting artful limits to the balance sheet is the key skill if you aren't willing to bet the business.

On the other hand .....
There's a case to made for a business case, even in the context of Agile methods. 

Unless you are spending your own money, you have an obligation to the financier to show some respect and responsibility for the funds they are providing, even if you keep overrunning and going back for more. In effect, "innovation" never met a budget it couldn't bust!

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