Monday, September 26, 2022

Quiet Quitting

One of the human resources trends going about is "Quiet Quitting". 
Has this come to a project on your street?

As in all such trends, there are numerous versions which heretofore might have been labeled "work life balance"

So, here is a bit of what to look out for:
  • The 'union' version: Work to rules. Nothing above and beyond the call. Put in the required time; do as good a job as possible; then leave it all and go home. No emails and texts off hours
  • The 'frustrated' version: Do the absolute minimum to get by; don't volunteer; maintain a low profile. 
  • The 'anti-burnout version': Work really hard, but then leave on time; no weekends or late hours; leave it all when you leave.
Remote and virtual work can be problematic
  • Some say the 'quiet quitting' is more pronounced with remote workers where job hours are super flexible
  • Some companies are pushing back by 'return to the office mandates'
But then there's this:
From time to time, we all need to rebalance, rethink, and recharge. 
Many projects are recognizing the need and providing buffers and recharge time
In other words, many projects are getting ahead of "quiet quitting"

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