Tuesday, August 16, 2022

You pay for others to watch you work

There are a lot of collateral and unforeseen outcomes to the pandemic-driven remote workplace. 

One that I certainly did not foresee is the phenomenon, now a for-profit business, of you yourself paying a fee so that others ... strangers for the most part ... can watch you work.

Or perhaps it should be said the other way around: Some people need a social environment in order to work effectively; they need to know that they are being observed, watched, or evaluated. Without such, virtual loneliness sets in; spirit and productivity plunge. 

Our need to be a part of a professional social environment is important. It's tough to be a loner. So, now you can pay to have a crowd around you. And to be effective, it seems these environments need not be teams, not even groups. Minimally, they are just random collections.
And so now it is possible to join --- for a fee --- Zoom groups of strangers who can  observe you as you also observe them, all working asynchronously and independently on various somethings in their professional lives.
And if it pays off, literally, with improved outcomes that are monetized, who can fuss with the ROI, or the process?

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