Monday, April 18, 2022

"T" people vs "I" people

"T" people: lots of breadth; collaborative across disciplines; depth in one or two 

"I" people: deep and narrow; the experts

Bastien Rieck explains all of this in a posting about recruiting. He says this about software people specifically:
Given the state of the art in the software industry, T-shaped people are a sought-for commodity: the current ‘framework du jour’ might be obsolete in a few years, but the horizontal bar of a T-shaped person ensures that they can also contribute to other aspects of a project, and quite likely will develop new vertical bars, i.e. new expertise over time

He goes on to talk about Ts as multipliers

Throughout my career, the most impactful projects always had a T-shaped person onboard. This person would usually not be an expert in the subject matter, but would be able to provide the direly-needed scaffolding and foundation of a project that is all too often ignored in the initial phase, until it comes back later on with full swing to wreak havoc. This includes, for instance: 
  • Setting up a suitable build system. 
  • Writing some unit tests for the code. 
  • Creating a skeleton of the models that are to be developed. 
  • Designing nice mock-ups or logos. 
  • Creating animations or graphics for presentations.

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