Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Plausible denial

What follows is an all-to-sad commentary on government. 
But what if "government" was "PMO" in this quotation? That would be really sad. 

Perhaps "lie" is too strong; perhaps 'self-delusional' or some other less in-your-face spin is more the case. But you get the point: the unvarnished truth is sometimes just too much for the moment. Time is necessary to find your way back on the center stripe. And to make time, some spin of the truth is required.

Perhaps; but plausible denial: that's running from responsibility. That can not be condoned.

“It is a truism that all governments lie: they lie to each other, they lie to their own people, they frequently lie to themselves. 

But a fundamental premise of functional government is that such deception .... must be an exception rather than a norm: to rule effectively, a government must be able to maintain at least a minimum level of credibility; by the same token, it must inevitably fail when it chooses to function on plausible deniability alone"

Daniel Allen Butler

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