Friday, October 30, 2020

Who comes back first?!

Ah ha! You are going to reopen the in-person office for the PMO.
Good show!

Who comes back first? Is there a pecking order? Will there be hurt feelings if you're not picked first? What does that mean, to not be picked first?

And, the other side of that coin: You're picked, but you don't want to go back! Now what? Can you opt-out? What if you do opt-out .... is there a career impact? After all, the big action is often closest to the flag pole.
Now you're back and you don't like it! It's just not the same atmosphere; some of the people are missing; relationships are screwed up. Now what? Ask to go back to remote? Can you do that?

Here are the answers:
I don't have any answers. It's all situational, but you shouldn't shoulder all the angst yourself. Find someone to talk with. There many be many fewer demons than first appear.

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