Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Training budget for project robots?

Are you busy building your project budget?
Are you going to include a budget for training your project's working staff?
  • New developer and testing tools;
  • New frameworks;
  • New process and workflow management?
If that's a Yes and Yes, have you thought about this? You may need to train your project robots also.
Robots, whether mechanical and real, or virtual, all depend on training data to get their AI parameters set. Now, sometimes it's all built-in and there's no API, like the robotic vacuum cleaner, but for most AI-based [robotic] project tools some degree of training on test data sets is necessary.
  • Expert systems which execute according to rules trained on knowledge bases
  • Data estimators that fill in the blanks ... from history and current trends
  • Fuzzy logic that studies patterns and offers assistance with scheduling and administration
  • Predictive analytics for risk assessments based on risk histories (unlikely to predict a black swan, but don't rule it out)
How to start
And so, having decided about how AI is to be integrated into the PMO -- that being no small matter by itself -- the questions are begged:
  • At what cost do I go about assembling a training data set,
  • What should the data set contain,
  • Who will administer the training, and
  • Who's done this before?
Look here for the answer
Actually, you won't find those answers here because project AI is too situational dependent. But, the major frameworks all have user group forums; the major tool vendors all have support systems; and there are a myriad of consultants around this industry. 

Your job: don't forget to budget to train the robots!

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