Thursday, May 21, 2020

Your baseline is crushed

With the pandemic effects on project offices, supply chains, capital funding, customers, and cultural changes (how long before it's the same again?), a lot of projects will shut down ... permanently. Their business case crushed in the effects

Rebaseline in two steps:
  1. Declare the "old" project ended; collect the actuals and variances and record them in the ledger. Collect all the inventory for future use: WIP; finished but not delivered product
  2. Invent a new project; transfer in all the WIP and other inventory. Start a new plan with the checklist below
Inventing a new baseline
  • Forget your baseline ... that's all in the history file. Plan a restart as if new
  • Plan for a go-forward velocity that is going to be slower, slogging through a myriad of restrictions, broken links, missing supplies, etc
  • Plan to spend on technology that you probably didn't think you needed before, but you do now
  • Re-calibrate customer needs and wants, functions, features, convenience, safety, security (how did Zoom zoom into our lives?)
  • Can you visit your customer? Should you visit you customer? Is a virtual visit good enough to understand the requirements?
  • Factor in the changed culture .... some values have changed for what you're inventing, I'll bet
  • Evaluate risks with a revised calibration .... where does social fear factor in? 
  • Plan for a medical protocol overlay. Masks, social distancing etc?
What could possibly go wrong?!

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