Friday, January 3, 2020

Who can say "yes"?

In your domain, who can say "Yes" -- and make it stick?

Should this be a hard question to answer? It can be. Consider:
  • Almost any ankle biter can say "no"
  • "No" is least risky; least penalties
  • "No" conveys an aura of toughness
  • "No" is often the answer from the gatekeepers: the "staff" or the "back office" 
Who says "yes"?
  • Secure, independent thinkers
  • Those capable of  accepting risk
  • Those naturally tough (tough enough)
Cultural impacts
  • Larger, more mystical and more remote organizations: "Yes" comes harder
  • Up close and personal: "Yes" more likely
What does that mean for the remote worker? Could be SOL in many situations because you just can't get access.

Hey, best of luck with that "yes thing". I hope it works for you.

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