Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hey, we can put it off until .....

Are you a procrastinator?
Do you procrastinate and still try to manage schedule?
Do you think of yourself as a procrastinator who can manage risk?
Do you understand that managing schedule risk is tantamount to managing the concept of schedule buffers and the critical chain methodology?

Then, you'll understand that handling your tendency to put things off, and thereby forcing upon you managing slack and schedule buffers are not that much different.

In fact, what I see most of the time is managers wasting slack by doing a "latest start".
At the other end, they've got no buffer or slack to work with.
That is all wrong.
In spite of the risk of incomplete information, getting over the inertia of getting started and getting going on addressing the issues that will inevitably arise is paramount.

So, if you need some help on this, this humorous video is for you!

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