Thursday, June 13, 2019

Risk: the second thing you do

Managing risk?
Can you imagine there's risk to manage?

Here's the second thing you do:
  • Evaluate the slack ... 
What's to evaluate?
  • You might think the most important thing about slack is how much is there; what do I have to work with? Nope
  • Whatever you've got, the most important thing is sequence and position. Where in the course of events are you going to position slack so that it works to your greatest advantage?
Slack makes the first thing possible
  • We all know that the first thing in risk management is loosen the coupling.
  • Slack is the mechanism for such loosening
Where to position slack?
  • At the end (of a schedule or task)
  • Between joins of physical units (if expansion allowance is necessary)
  • Wherever timing is critical
It's not to wasted
Apart from overly tight coupling, poor positioning or sequencing of slack is a resource wasted. And, it will cost you otherwise to substitute an alternate resource!

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