Sunday, February 3, 2019

Getting "reskilled"

Dispatches from Davos 2019
There's a revolution afoot

The panel discussions are about "human-centered A.I", and the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" in an article reported by Kevin Roose

And, thinking about it, would you want A.I. to be other than human-centered?

Strategic thinking:
 “Earlier they had incremental, 5 to 10 percent goals in reducing their work force. Now they’re saying, ‘Why can’t we do it with 1 percent of the people we have?’”

Getting there (as reported)!
One common argument made by executives is that workers whose jobs are eliminated by automation can be “reskilled” to perform other jobs in an organization.

They offer examples like Accenture (*), which claimed in 2017 to have replaced 17,000 back-office processing jobs without layoffs, by training employees to work elsewhere in the company. 

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(*) Full disclosure: A few years ago, I worked in a PMO largely staffed by Accenture (I was the customer; they were the consulting partner)

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