Thursday, January 24, 2019

Measure the measurable

Without Metrics you're just another guy with an opinion - Stephan Leschka, Hewlett Packard*

I get it; and mostly, I agree with Mr. Leschka
BUT, there are a few other rules:
  • Don't measure -- meaning: don't invest the effort to collect and analyze -- that which you don't manage
  • Don't measure the unmeasurable -- meaning, don't assign false values and dimensions to that which is fundamentally subjective and intangible.
  • And, if your metrics are not statistically significant, you may still be just a guy with an opinion
What about this?
  • In spite of many books to the contrary: Everything is not measurable. 
  • And, even it is measurable, it may not be necessary or important to measure it. 
  • It may not be practical or economically sensible to measure it. That's why we invented sampling!
It's not always just about the numbers! (But, we knew that, didn't we?)
Of transactions and strategy
One might say: In the capitalist environment we manage, most of us subscribe to the school of transactions and dollars: all (most?) things of value have a price. And, if that is so, then all things of value can be measured. 
BUT: all is not transactional!
Some think long-term (are we shocked by such a claim?)
Some opinions and some issues are strategic: a blend of interests, principles, values not held in dollars, and effects which are to be legacy for those that follow. 

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