Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Getting timely

And so this headline pops up: "Time split to the nanosecond ... ".

It's only a foot
Per se, nanoseconds are not particularly new and unique to projects, and most in a PMO know its a pretty short time, about the time required for light to travel a foot (11.8" at sea level, but let's not be too picky on this one)

However, we now learn that worldwide computer networks need to be time synchronized to a nanosecond of accuracy.  That is actually a tall order, given network latency, media differences in propagation, and so forth.

Did mention requirements?
And where did this requirement come from? (Being PMO types, we always ask for the requirement first. If there is just smoke and mirrors, we can write this one off and go onto the next big thing)

No less than Wall Street (Actually, Time Square in NYC where the NASDAQ is).
Shocking -- shocking! -- as it seems: It's all about the money!

It's a scheduling problem
And, it's about schedule (something we understand) and specifically sequencing tasks within schedules, setting up the right dependencies (Hey! this stuff is right down town for PMOs)

When you're responsible for executing financial trades, timed to the nanosecond, in the correct order -- and order counts when you are looking a market volatility at nanosecond rates -- you had better get it right. Or else!

So, break out your critical path analysis, you PDM charts, and to work on the NASDAQ. There's money to be made!

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