Friday, February 16, 2018

Illuminating the path

Here below I shamelessly reprint a posting from herdingcats.
Why? Because Glen's point about the purpose of plans is to illuminate possibilities; not to constrain critical thinking, common sense, and accommodation for changing facts, is profound.  Everyone who practices project management or team management should understand that.

From herding cats:
In the space of two days I had evolved two plans, wholly distinct, both of which were equally feasible. The point I am trying to bring out is that one does not plan and then try to make circumstances fit those plans. One tries to make plans fit the circumstances 
George Patton
General, U.S. Army

"Any suggestion that plans and planning are not part of project management, no matter the approach - agile or traditional - wilfully ignores the purpose of a plan. That purpose is not the force the team to follow a path, but to illuminate the possible paths that can be followed to reach the goal."

end quote (emphasis added)

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