Saturday, December 9, 2017

Avoid -- if you can -- batch transfers

Hiss! We no longer say "waterfall"; now we say "batch transfer"

Fair enough. New label; old wine. I get it.

But, still, to be avoided -- if you can
What replaces the sequential batch transfer (formerly: sequential waterfall. Hiss!)?

Collaboration! (*) And, less optimally, smaller "batches" (did someone say "lean"?)

Mike Cohn has an excellent posting on the "collaboration-replaces-batch-transfer" thing. And, he has some wise advice on smaller batches, to wit:
Small is good, until it's too small. When is that? When there are too many things to manage; when there is danger of a small item getting forgotten; when the forest is not evident because of all the saplings.(**)
(*) Collaboration: working together to plan our joint journey down the waterfall, as it were
(**) System engineering speak for "there are so many things that I can't judge the interactions, predict chaotic responses, or understand the value-add of integration"

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