Sunday, October 1, 2017

Interrogating or discussing?

".... interrogations, like battles, are never won but only lost"
John LeCarre
And so, you might ask, the lesson for project managers is what exactly?

My definition first: Interrogations, in the PM space, are just an adversarial or autocratic way to have a discussion. Someone in authority uses that authority to dominate, intending, of course, to "win"

And so, the lesson is: domineers don't win much, even when they're sure they've won it all. They often lose some aspect of .... respect, esteem, moral authority, mystique, and personal power as they "get up close and personal" as a means to overpower their "discussion partner".

After all, the closer at hand the more the weaknesses and blemishs appear. Afar is more mystical; mystique is what often sustains power and adds interest. But, you can't interrogate from afar, so be prepared to give at the office if interrogation is your thing.

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