Sunday, September 24, 2017


Does your work inspire you?
  • Super if so
  • Frustrating if not

Kristi Hedges tells us in an essay that psychologists T. Thrash and A. Elliot have posited three contributors to an inspired work life:
  1. We see new possibilities
  2. We're receptive to outside influences
  3. We've a feeling of energy and motivation
Not working for you? Hedges goes on (I paraphrase her ideas):
  • Inaction is your enemy; get up and get moving (my paraphrase)
  • Keep on learning; if you think you've arrived at the pinnacle of knowledge for your job (career), you're mistaken. Not learning new stuff is actually going backward; you're knowledge will atrophy
  • Expand your network; new people brings new ideas
  • Keep it simple; narrow the scope or choices so you can focus and set priorities
The one that works best for me is the "keep on learning".  Writing this blog is an example; you might be amazed at the background reading and research that goes into it, from which I get many ideas for my professional role.

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