Sunday, May 7, 2017

Staying educated (enculturation)

The robots are coming!

And, "enculturation" is my new word. I'm proud to use it. It means "to get with the program" and absorb the culture!

The robots are enculturating!  (and, that's a for-real word also)

We see that robot headline repeatedly. What's the antidote?
The usual answer: Education. Learn to do stuff the R's can't; and we see that one also

Now comes some specifics around this:
  • At school, "learn to learn". See instruction about how to ask questions; to think critically; to approach new things or even unknown things; to collaborate
  • Where possible, practice creativity, even if you yourself don't think of yourself as creative.
  • Be curious; avoid lazy practices of not seeking solutions and answers
And, then of course, there's this advice: consistently work on your personal knowledge base; it's part of your job description. Some leaders famously don't read, but among millions there are very few non-readers who are successful.
On-line is good, youtube or the are great, but so is your local university library. Most are chock full of professional stuff -- books, papers, periodicals, videos
In other words: a high degree of self-direction and discipline are needed to maintain and impove skills. In the spectrum of situational leadership, you yourself need to be your own S1 
And then there's this: if you're still looking for a job, the new resume may be a video to show how you actually work; solve problems, etc

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