Thursday, April 27, 2017

Words matter -- anti-Agile dictionary

Peter Hyde has a great piece in Front Row Agile about the ever emerging linguistics of the Agilists. He has his "top 10" of anti-Agile words and phrases.

Here are a few from his list that would make my list (by the way, Hyde is looking for more, so if you have a favorite, get in touch with him)
  1. Agile in Name Only, or AINO: Companies that have adopted agile frameworks and practises without embracing the cultural changes required.
  2. FrAgile: Agile practises that are performed without rigour or discipline. FrAgile provides an excuse for poor quality development that avoids accountability.
  3. Lipstick Agile: Agile practises cosmetically applied without any understanding or noticeable difference to the true nature of development. In other words, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig.
  4. TrAgile: Tragically implemented agile frameworks or projects that end in tragedy.
  5. Wagile: A hybrid of waterfall and agile development practises resulting either from desperately trying to save failing projects, or from slipping back to waterfall from agile.
  6. Zombie Agile: A blind adherence to agile practises without adopting the mindset required to make them work.

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