Friday, July 22, 2016

Strategic weakness

And when your strategy depends on someone else doing something that's pretty weak strategy
Jeff Roe
Politcal strategist

Well, yes, but no ....
Certainly, self-sufficiency is the better game plan, but who gets to play in that green field? Certainly not PMs which are at the behest of sponsors, customers, and other business interests. If they don't behave and get on the same page with the project, then there's inevitably a gap between interests ... a gap between the strategic interests of the project project and the business.

And what fills that gap ('cause it isn't a vacuum!) None other than: RISK!
And who gets tagged as risk manager? Right! The PM is always in the hot seat as risk manager, balancing the interests of the project strategy with the larger business strategy.

You say: Not fair! And, you'd be right most of the time. Not fair, but certainly realistic. The PM is the risk manager for any gap between interests. And, as manager, there is both a payoff or a penalty depending on how the risks play out... to wit: hero or goat!

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