Saturday, April 2, 2016

Release by sprint or capability?

One of the Agile paradigm shifts from the "way we've always done it" is to shift release planning to either fixed calendar points -- at the end of one or more sprints, but typically three or more -- or when capability needed by the business is "done"

In an interesting posting, here, the first idea is given the moniker "cadence release"; the latter "capabilities release". The recommendation of one over the other is: Yes!

That is, each has it's place, and it's therefore a matter of context that informs judgment:
  • Domain culture  -- what are the project norms?
  • Importance, urgency, applicability in the near term
  • Expectations of the sponsor (how did you set the value proposition?)
  • Expectations of the user (what's hot, what's not?)
  • Maturity of the product, capability, or update -- before it's time, as it were?
  • Contract parameters if there's a 2nd party contract involved -- some flexibilities re release may be proscribed by the contract

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