Friday, March 20, 2015

Remove all the friction

We've all done some process design; I used to hold seminars in process design. And whether you coach it, teach it, or experience it, you hear a lot about "friction"

Friction's is not all bad: we couldn't stop a car without it. In the process context, it is either the good cop or the bad cop:
  • Good cop (or supposed to be): checks and balances so the bias of one person or entity can not overwhelm the process or dictate the outcome. (Too much of a good thing: see U.S. Congress)
  • Bad cop (or that's what we say it is): Interference and non-value add actions that detract from the quality of the outcome, or perhaps the quality of the process (a.k.a "the experience")
Living in Orlando, the "experience thing" is big time stuff here. 20 miles down the road is the mother ship of "experience": Disney World... 30+ thousand acres of "experience"

Disclosure: I don't work for Disney, and never have as a paid associate, but I do volunteer for their sports program helping with all manner of sports events, so I'm "back stage" a lot.

Now comes along an insightful article from Wired about removing friction in the Disney experience. If you're a process person, you'll see a lot of what you know how to do in this story, writ large!

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