Monday, November 18, 2013

Leveling up..

Ever been told you're working above your pay grade? Maybe you're "Leveling up". That's the label  you get when you work or consult with others at higher level, even if they are only an intellectual or experience level beyond yours

Consider the challenges*:

John Baez tell us:
Sometimes, in your ... career, you find that your slow progress, and careful accumulation of tools and ideas, has suddenly allowed you to do a bunch of new things that you couldn’t possibly do before. ...when they’ve all become second nature, a whole new world of possibility appears.

You have “leveled up”, if you will. Something clicks, but now there are new challenges, and now, things you were barely able to think about before suddenly become critically important.

It’s usually obvious when you’re talking to somebody a level above you, because they see lots of things instantly when those things take considerable work for you to figure out.

Talking to somebody two or levels above you is a different story. They’re barely speaking the same language, and it’s almost impossible to imagine that you could ever know what they know.

Somebody three levels above is actually speaking a different language. They probably seem less impressive to you than the person two levels above, because most of what they’re thinking about is completely invisible to you.

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